Psycho-educational Assessment for Attention Difficulties

Many adults have difficulty with attention and distractibility and may feel the need to move about in certain situations.

However, when your distractibility, impulsivity and inattention begin to interfere with work, school or day-to-day life significantly, an attention assessment may be appropriate.
Attention, impulsivity and distractibility can result in:

  • Lower than expected grades
  • Difficulty maintains employment
  • Forgetting to pay bills to make appointments, etc.
  • Dropping out of school
  • Defiant behaviour
  • Mood/anxiety issues

What is Involved?

  • Interview with you
    • Overview of the assessment process
    • Psychologist listens to your story
  • Records Review
    • You will be asked to bring all available report cards, previous assessments and other related documentation for the psychologist to look at
  • Testing
    • You will meet with the psychologist one-on-one
    • Activities and tests to assess reasoning, memory, academics and attention will help find your strengths and needs
    • Generally, two to three sessions will be needed
  • Report Writing
    • The psychologist will look at all of the information and write a comprehensive report telling about your strengths and needs. It will list and explain any diagnoses.
    • Recommendations and suggestions will be given to support you at home at school and work
  • Meet with You
    • The psychologist will talk with you about the results
    • Suggestions for supporting yourself at home at school and work will be discussed
    • You have opportunities to ask questions



Sometimes a learning assessment/psychoeducational assessment is required to explore additional learning needs.

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