Autism Assessment

Some people struggle with social skills and knowing what others feel and think.

They may also have difficulty being flexible with their thinking and adjusting to change. If these challenges are contributing to difficulties getting along with others and being successful in school, work and home life, an assessment for Autism may be appropriate. Autism assessments are available for all ages.

Challenges with social skills and inflexible behaviour can result in:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Social isolation and withdrawal
  • Dips in grades
  • Difficulties with daily living skills
  • Challenges with living independently as an adult

What is Involved?

  • Completion of Questionnaires
  • Review of School Records
    • You will be asked to bring all available report cards, previous assessments and other related documentation for the psychologist to look at
  • Interview With the Client
    • You will meet with the psychologist one-on-one
    • A comprehensive diagnostic interview with the client’s parents/caregivers
  • Report Writing
    • The psychologist will look at all of the information and write a comprehensive report telling about your strengths and needs. It will list and explain any diagnoses.
    • Recommendations and suggestions will be given to support you at home at school and work
  • Clients will receive a complete report with the assessment results and recommendations
    • The psychologist will talk with you about the results
    • Suggestions for supporting yourself at home at school and work will be discussed
    • You have opportunities to ask questions


Often, a learning or psycho-educational assessment is also necessary to complete when looking at possible Autism, as this information will be necessary for making recommendations about community supports and educational programming.

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