Psycho-educational Assessment for Learning Difficulties

Everyone learns at a different pace and has strengths and areas of need regarding academics.

However, some adults may realize that their learning difficulties significantly interfere with their post-secondary education or working performance. If you have concerns regarding your ability to grasp certain academic concepts and it’s significantly impacting your school or work functioning, a learning assessment may be appropriate.

Learning difficulties can result in:

  • Lower than expected grades
  • Difficulty with certain work responsibilities
  • Difficulty holding a job
  • Dropping out of school
  • Putting forth significant effort to cope with work or school
  • Anxiety/mood issues

What is Involved?

  • Interview with you
    • Overview of the assessment process
    • Psychologist listens to your story
  • Records Review
    • You will be asked to bring all available report cards, previous assessments and other related documentation for the psychologist to look at
  • Testing
    • You will meet with the psychologist one-on-one
    • Activities and tests to assess reasoning, memory, academics and attention will help find your strengths and needs
    • Generally, two to three sessions will be needed
  • Report Writing
    • The psychologist will look at all of the information and write a comprehensive report telling about your strengths and needs. It will list and explain any diagnoses.
    • Recommendations and suggestions will be given to support you at home at school and work
  • Meet with You
    • The psychologist will talk with you about the results
    • Suggestions for supporting yourself at home at school and work will be discussed
    • You have opportunities to ask questions

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