Psycho-educational Assessment for Potentially Gifted Learners

Some children demonstrate higher than expected abilities in reasoning and/or academic areas.

It can be useful to identify these specific areas of strength to better plan academic programs and supports. Sometimes these children will also struggle with aspects of social functioning, academics, attention issues or social-emotional functioning. To gain insight into areas of strength and need an assessment for giftedness may be appropriate.

Gifted learners can sometimes present with:

  • Areas of notable achievement/knowledge
  • Anxiety/mood issues
  • Boredom/lack of engagement in classroom
  • Inattention/distractibility
  • Social difficulties
  • Defiant behavior
  • Frustration doing tasks that require effort

What is involved?

  • Interview with Caregivers
    • Overview of assessment process
    • Psychologist listens to your family’s story
  • Records Review
    • You will be asked to bring all available report cards, previous assessments and other related documentation for the psychologist to look at
  • Testing
    • Your child will meet with psychologists one-on-one
    • Activities and tests to assess reasoning, memory, academics and attention will help find your child’s strengths and needs
    • Generally 2-3 sessions will be needed
  • Report Writing
    • The psychologist will look at all of the information and write a comprehensive report telling about your child’s strengths and needs. It will list and explain any diagnoses.
    • Recommendations/suggests will be given to support your child at home and at school
  • School Involvement
    • The psychologist will gather information from your child’s teachers through
      • Questionnaires
      • Interview
      • Possible school observation
  • Meet with Parents
    • The psychologist will talk with you about the results
    • Suggestions for supporting your child at home and school will be discussed
    • Caregivers have opportunities to ask questions

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