ADHD Coaching, Parent Coaching and Academic Strategies

“A coach helps people with ADHD carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented, and timely fashion. Through a close partnership, an ADHD coach helps the client learn practical skills and initiate change in his or her daily life.” – Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD)

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD Coaches are, first and foremost, trained life coaches who endorse and accept the coaching standard of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and who additionally have specific training and expertise in coaching people affected by ADHD. ADHD Service

Coaching is an evidence-based method that can create and manage change. It helps people to realize their full potential. The skills and concepts that you learn from coaching are useful for children, adolescents and adults to become the best people that they can be.

Managing your stress load is an integral part of what we cover in coaching because your mental health is an important part of managing your ADHD.

In coaching, we work together to create a plan that focuses on assisting you to make changes that will allow you to thrive. We work on goals or visions, decide on what techniques to try and then we fine-tune those techniques together until it feels like you’ve got it.

ADHD Coaching is empowering, educational, and collaborative.


We work with all ages, with individuals and families.

You do not need to have an ADHD diagnosis to work with an ADHD Coach!


What is ADHD Parent Coaching?

ADHD parent coaching focuses on helping you change the dynamic between you and your ADHD child. You can become more confident as a parent, and your parenting strategies will be more effective.

Parent coaching can work for your family wherever you are on your ADHD journey. Even if your child doesn’t have a formal diagnosis, parent coaching can help.

Why focus coaching on parents? Because you, the parent, are the most critical factor in your child’s future success. You are your child’s support system.

Together we work to create a plan that focuses on supporting you to make changes that will help your child thrive, creating goals or visions, deciding on which techniques to try, and then we fine-tune them until they feel comfortable for you and your family.

Parent coaching is a positive approach to the daily management of ADHD.


“Coaching is wonderful for those with ADHD because it gets to all the nitty, gritty stuff that medication does not address. Medication can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and help you concentrate, but it doesn’t teach you how to get organised or get that better job.” — Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.

Academic Strategies

CanLearn’s Academic Strategy sessions can help you develop strategies for learning and studying.

An Academic Strategist will work with you to develop a plan that might include strategies for studying, note-taking, test anxiety, planning and organization and more. Working with an Academic Strategist can help you retain and recall information and avoid cram sessions before exams.

Our Academic Strategist is approved by Alberta Student Loans, has her copyediting certification and can provide help with writing or editing.

Call us at 403-686-9300 Ext. 102, and schedule an appointment with an Academic Strategist.

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