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CanLearn Friends

NEW! Online Weekly One-to-One Sessions

Some kids have trouble building healthy peer relationships and understanding and dealing with emotions. We can help!

We are excited to announce that we offer this free CanLearn Friends program online in a one-on-one setting!

Find out more about this online program here.


CanLearn Friends – New! Online Program for Schools

What a year it has been! Fortunately, the CanLearn Friends program is now available online for students. Friends online is a FREE program for students in grades 4, 5 and 6, focusing on developing positive relationships and coping skills.

Our facilitators work virtually with a group of twelve students selected by your school team. Students will learn and practice skills related to:

  • maintaining friendships
  • improving confidence
  • communication
  • assertiveness
  • dealing with bullying and conflict
  • strategies for managing emotions

Since facilitators are conducting sessions virtually, the program requires a school staff member to be present in the classroom to assist with facilitating the sessions. The program is being offered once per week for 1 hour per session.

Sessions run for eight weeks, with groups running from January to March, April to June and October to December.
This video explains the Friends program to parents and teachers.


“I really loved how the program was planned. With a review and a calming strategy. It was very interactive even though we were doing everything online! Our facilitators were amazing! They were knowledgeable and knew just how to direct the students while we learned these valuable skills. It was a lovely program. I wish this could be available for all classes!”

– Friends Group Participant

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