Taking Charge

Adults who wish to return to learning and have experienced difficulties in the past are invited to participate in the program.


  • For many adults, it is not easy to return to learning. Adult learners may be anxious about coming to class, and may lack confidence in their lack of literacy, language, numeracy, or digital skills, which can be a barrier to learning.
  • Many have complex lives with multiples challenges to cope with at home.


  • Adults will attend the program in a small group once a week over a period of 10 weeks
  • Program participants will discuss and learn about such topics as growth mindset, knowing and valuing yourself, goal-setting, determination and persistence


  • Adult learners are motivated to start a learning journey
  • Adult learners are equipped with soft skills necessary for learning – confidence, motivation, determination and persistence
  • Adult learners experience personal growth and improved wellbeing

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