Reading Pilots

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Reading Pilots is an innovative approach to success for struggling readers. With COVID-19 school closures, young, struggling readers are further behind in their reading skills.

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Struggling readers learn strategies to improve their reading and develop the confidence that helps them discover the joy in reading.


When students struggle with reading they quickly lose their confidence and fail to develop a love of books and reading.  Reading needs to be an enjoyable route to life-long learning, not a tedious task to be avoided.



Once a week, at CanLearn, in a one-on-one setting, trained instructors teach intensive, intentional strategies that build reading skills and student confidence. This program runs for ten weeks.

Parents are shown methods to support struggling readers without having to teach reading.



  • Students’ reading skills improve and so does their enjoyment of reading – and learning.
  • Parents know how to support their child’s reading progress.
  • Families have fun reading and learning together.


“Last January, when we put our kids in Reading Pilots, they were reading two years below grade level, by the time they finished Grade 2 in June, they were nearly at Grade level. We never had to fight with them to come; they were always happy and enthused to come to Reading Pilots.”

A Reading Pilots Parent


After two lessons: “Those reading strategies really work. They are amazing!”

A Reading Pilots Dad


“When they put her in Reading Pilots, she wasn’t reading at grade level, and she never wanted to read at home. Now, I never see her without a book.”

Uncle of a Reading Pilots Participant

Program development funded by:

Ethan and Joan Compton Sub Fund
Donald Dudder Memorial Fund

Have questions? Need more information?

If you would like to register or find out more about Reading Pilots, contact Jody Wood by email or at 587-439-3646.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Payment is necessary to reserve a spot in the program. If you need to withdraw from the program:

  • We will refund all money paid, minus a 20% administrative fee.