Treatments for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD should include a variety of approaches such as educational and parenting strategies, family therapy, lifestyle changes (e.g., balanced diet, exercise and sleep) and medication.

When seeking treatments for ADHD, remember to consider whether the treatment has been validated through research.

If the treatment is fairly new and does not yet have research to back it up, proceed with caution. Consider the cost of the treatment, both financially and in terms of time spent. Weigh that cost against the claims of the treatment.

If a treatment or therapy is advertised as a cure for ADHD, ask the treatment provider for more information about this claim. We know that ADHD is a neurologically based disorder that is present across the lifespan. Treatments should be used as a way to manage the symptoms and increase self-esteem and success in life, not to cure ADHD.

This section provides resources discussing different treatment options for ADHD.


Recommended Resources