Take Ten - Teaching Tools for LD & ADHD

Take Ten Spotlight Series: Strategies and Tools for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD

Learning is a complex task, and teaching is even more complex, given the diversity of learners in each classroom.  This excellent resource was created to be a tool for educators.  The strategies modelled are of universal benefit to all students and are particularly useful as targeted supports for students with learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Each video is a 10-minute tool that:

  • Explains specific learning difficulties
  • Shows what these difficulties look like in the classroom
  • Provides proven strategies and tools that work


Take Ten Spotlight Series includes five Videos and six complementary Tip Sheets and is available in English and French.

This resource was developed for teachers by the CanLearn Society with funding from Alberta Education.

A special ‘Thank You‘ to Cochrane High School, a grade 9-12 school in Rocky View Schools.