The LD & ADHD Network

Experiences of Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exist in complex environments, and supporting individuals impacted by these conditions requires an intentional, integrated, and collaborative response that spans organizational and sectoral boundaries.

The Calgary Region LD & ADHD Network was established to foster collaborative action toward more effective and coordinated cross-organizational and sectoral responses to LD and ADHD.


Visit the LD & ADHD Network website.


The Network is taking action to address our strategic priorities collaboratively.

Participating Stakeholders 2015 – 2019:

  • CanLearn Society
  • Foothills Academy Society
  • University of Calgary
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Post-Secondary Service Providers
  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
  • Calgary Academy
  • Owerko Centre
  • Rundle Academy
  • Independent Schools Advisory Committee
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Regional Collaborative Services
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta
  • Treatment-Resistant ADHD Clinic
  • ADHD Links

For more information about the Calgary Region LD & ADHD Network contact:

Carola Tiltmann, Manager
Email: [email protected]
Business Mobile: 403-630-1616