Ryder’s Story – How Our Attention Clinic Can Help

Welcome to our Attention Clinic:

For over 25 years our Clinic has been providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of ADHD. The families that come to our Clinic work with a physician and psychologists to determine the best treatment plan to cope with their attention difficulties. Clients can explore if medication is a good fit for them and develop strategies to help better manage their attention difficulties at home and at school.

You do not need a diagnosis or a doctor referral to come to our Clinic and we welcome all inquires if you feel  someone in your family may need help with attention issues.

Meet Ryder… Finding the right diagnosis is key to success!

By Christmas of his grade 3 year, Ryder’s parents and teachers were very concerned about his lack
of progress in school. He had received speech, language and literacy help but continued to struggle to understand concepts, follow directions and complete work. A psycho-educational assessment did not indicate a learning disability. Both Ryder and his parents were feeling frustrated because they knew something was standing in the way of his success, so they contacted CanLearn.

Ryder and his family  worked with an Attention Clinic team (pediatrician and psychologist) who diagnosed ADHD. Ryder’s parents were given strategies to support him at home around organization, routine and behaviour management. Thanks to a positive response to medication, Ryder’s focus improved and he started experiencing success at school. A year later,Ryder loves school and is doing well. He has closed the gap and is keeping up with his classmates. His hockey coach reported that he was no longer the last one to get changed before or after the game and he hasn’t lost any clothing yet this year!

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Celia’s Story – Addressing Attention Issues at Any Age

Attention Clinic- Solutions for All Ages:

CanLearn doesn’t  just work with kids! For the past 15 years, we have also worked with adults. We are pleased to have a psychiatrist on our team who can work with our psychologists to help adults whose attention difficulties are having a negative impact on them at work, in their studies, or in their relationships.

Meet Celia…It’s never too late to get help!

At 53 Celia referred herself for an attention assessment after both her adult children were diagnosed with ADHD.  All her life Celia had struggled with task completion, efficiency, organizational issues, and forgetfulness.  Given the strong hereditary component of ADHD, her family encouraged her to pursue an
assessment.  After a thorough assessment process, including meetings with the psychologists and physicians at CanLearn, a diagnosis of ADHD was confirmed and Celia chose to participate in a medication trial.  She immediately noticed improvements in her focus, clarity of mind, task initiation, task completion, and reduced anxiety. In her own words,“I am now in a place again that feels normal and am enjoying that very much.”

Too make an appointment or find out more about Attention Clinic or call 403-686-9300 ext.102.