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Clinical Services

At CanLearn, we have a diverse and passionate team of experts. We look forward to helping you on your journey, no matter where you are starting.

Welcome to CanLearn

We support our community with services targeting attention, learning, mental health, reading, and challenging behaviour. We work with individuals of all ages, families, and caregivers. We also work with school staff providing workshops and social-emotional programming. 

We are a small, passionate, and knowledgeable team made up of psychologists, counsellors, physicians, facilitators, students, teachers, and certified ADHD coaches. We value collaboration and will do our best to support you, no matter where you are on your journey. 

To get started, here is more information about each of our services.


CanLearn offers comprehensive assessments to individuals across the lifespan from ages 6 through adulthood, exploring questions associated with: Learning, Attention, Autism, Mental health, Cognitive challenges and Adaptive functioning, and Giftedness.



Our team of supportive and knowledgeable counsellors offer individual and family therapy. We welcome clients across the lifespan to those needing support with: Anxiety or mood, Behavioural challenges and emotion regulation, ADHD-associated challenges, and Social Skills.


ADHD and Autism Coaching

CanLearn’s ADHD and Autism coaches have specific training and expertise supporting individuals with attention challenges and challenges associated with aspects of Autism. Coaching is offered individually or in a group format to help you create an individualized plan to reach specific goals. No diagnosis is needed to work with an ADHD and Autism coach!

Behavioural Consultations

CanLearn’s behavioural consultations are for caregivers needing help managing their child’s challenging behaviour. Consultations are individualized and focus on identifying specific strategies to meet short-term behavioural goals.


Attention Clinic

A multidisciplinary approach to the management of ADHD. We combine behavioural strategies with ADHD-associated medication information and trials.


Workshops that help your students thrive with their learning differences. These workshops are currently available at no cost for schools and groups within the City of Calgary.