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Literacy Resources

This page is a collection of recommended resources and information for parents, adults, children and teens, and professionals.

These resources can help you on your journey of learning more about literacy, but don’t know where to begin.

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Literacy Resources - Parent & Caregiver Resources

Our Family Journal

This journal provides a practical way to support your child’s developing literacy skills. Ideas, games and activities are provided for you and your child to have fun, play and learn.


StoryPlace is a digital library space and offers preschoolers a virtual library experience. Kids can participate in story time, watch videos, and play games. The bilingual site also provides early literacy information and a guide to children’s books for parents and caregivers.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets has lots of games and activities for learning for children. Parents, teachers, and other adults can access their instructional videos, blog, PBS TV programs, and videos to guide them in helping their children learn to read.


Seussville allows children to enjoy reading-based interactive games and activities featuring his classic books and characters. The site includes a character guide, book catalogue, Seuss biography, tips for parents and resources for teachers.

Literacy Resources - Child & Teen Resources

Math and Reading Help

This website offers early readers interactive and enjoyable games to improve reading (and math). There is an extensive online library of articles on education, notably on homework and tutoring.

Literacy Resources - Adult Resources

Calgary Public Library brainfuse

Free tutoring and homework help is available through Calgary Public Library. Students can interact with live tutors in Alberta curriculum (K to 12) subjects from 2pm to 11pm daily. Get constructive feedback on your writing in the 24-hour writing lab, and submit your homework questions for expert help.

Youth Teaching Adults

Youth Teaching Adults is a free introductory digital literacy program for adult learners, led by youth volunteer-tutors. The program encourages youth to develop their leadership skills through teaching and helps adults increase their digital literacy skills.

Literacy Resources - Professional Resources

LIFE Training

Learning disabilities (LD) and ADHD are hidden disabilities that affect many individuals who usually have average or above-average intelligence but cannot achieve their potential. LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Training provides the tools and understanding for literacy practitioners to help support a learner’s unique challenges and needs.

As an adult foundational learning practitioner, you need to understand, recognize, and support these learners’ unique learning challenges and needs. LIFE Training will provide you with the tools to help support these learners.

You can call 403-686-9300 ext. 126 or email us to register for the LIFE Training programs.

LIFE Training is made possible by funding from Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.

Practitioner’s Toolkit

The ultimate goal of the Toolkit is to help practitioners use effective teaching strategies to help struggling adult learners improve their reading skills. Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners: Practitioner’s Toolkit recognizes that practitioners have limited time and resources and we have done the groundwork in selecting critical information and providing ideas for practical applications.

The Reading Connections Program is a result of CanLearn’s commitment to deliver research-informed adult learning programs, and we have developed a process to determine and understand the underlying sources of reading difficulties in adults with most limited literacy and foundational skills.

Below are resources developed to help you effectively use the Toolkit.

We are grateful to Calgary Learns for the funding support provided by Alberta Advanced Education.

It’s Magic – Magic Carpet Ride Guide

Magic Carpet Ride Program is 10 years old and still going strong with many community organizations implementing the program model and adopting its best practices!

Our hope is that this guide will give you lots of practical ideas to use with families in your program. It will enhance what you are already doing well, and let you know the research behind it all.

Biliteracy Curriculum Framework Manual

This document is a framework for biliteracy programming for adult English language learners who are both learning a new language and learning to read and write for the first time, in any language.

Taking Charge Facilitator’s Guide

How do you get adult learners engaged in a literacy or upgrading program? The Taking Charge Project aims to tackle the issue of reaching and engaging hard-to-reach learners.