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Literacy Programs

Good things happen when you engage in literacy learning.

Literacy opens the door to greater education, employment, and everyday life opportunities. It is important for our health and social and emotional well-being.

It can help parents experience the joy of reading with their children and support their learning at school.

CanLearn Literacy Programs

Programs for Families

All parents want their children to do well at school but sometimes they’re not sure how to build a strong foundation for learning at home. Family literacy programs are designed to help with this. Parents learn about child-development, pick-up ideas to reinforce learning at home, and develop their own skills.

Programs for Adults

Literacy and numeracy skills are essential to get and keep a job. They are the key to adapting and succeeding in work and life.1 in 5 adult Albertans face daily literacy and numeracy challenges. Many of these people have been stereotyped as unintelligent, lazy, or careless. Our adult foundational learning programs help learners improve their reading, writing, and math skills.

Programs for Children

No skill is more important in the first few years of school than learning to read. Children who do not develop strong early literacy skills struggle in school and later in life. By starting early and using effective instruction based on the Science of Reading approach, almost all children (90%-
95%) can learn to read.