Shifting Perspectives: The Digital Age and Mental Health

As an ADHD Coach for nearly a decade, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles of parents and children navigating the complexities of ADHD. Initially, my coaching sessions often resembled a revolving door, with parents or caregivers dropping off children in hopes of a quick fix to their challenges. But as I delved deeper into the intricacies […]

Reading with Comprehension

The vibrant red colour of the sunset resembled the hue of a ripe strawberry. Reading the sentence above, you can visually picture the sunset described because you are able to understand what you read. Reading comprehension is the overarching goal we want our children to achieve while learning to read. Children learn to read words […]

Reading Pilots: Six Years of Success for Struggling Readers

Reading Pilots are students who have trouble reading at their grade level. Their parents are worried and frustrated because they see their children struggling, and they can’t figure out why they’re not learning. Parents understand how crucial reading and early literacy skills are for their children’s future success and are concerned they might fall behind […]