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Adults Can Build Their Basic Math Skills at CanLearn

Numbers surround us and are an essential part of everyday life. In our daily lives, we may have to make correct change, calculate the length of a car trip, figure out and stick to a budget, adjust a recipe, and much more. For many people, working with numbers and math presents a challenge.

Numeracy (essentially, “numbers literacy”) is recognized as an essential life skill. Low numeracy impacts people economically, socially, and emotionally, acting as a barrier to employment opportunities and to further education.

Difficulties with numbers and math are often complicated by our messages and feelings. Many people carry messages that skill with numbers is a unique talent, one that isn’t available to them. Others experience a reflexive fear of math – a “math anxiety” that interferes with their ability to understand and work with numerical information. The acquisition of numeracy skills can also be impeded by learning disabilities and ADHD. However, with appropriate supports, learners can develop numeracy and math skills.

CanLearn is developing and piloting a new program to support adult learners in improving their numeracy and math. The goal is to work with learners to identify their strengths and needs, develop strategies for developing skills, and to build confidence with numeracy and math. These skills relate to everyday numeracy tasks and may also serve as a bridge to further education for those hoping to pursue upgrading at the high school level.

We are looking for adult learners who are interested in building their numeracy and math skills to assist in developing this pilot project. Through their participation and feedback, we will be working to develop and refine how we:

  • assess numeracy skills and needs
  • identify learner goals and learning styles
  • offer learner-centred instruction
  • help learners develop the skills and confidence that they want


If you are – or someone you know is – interested in gaining confidence with numeracy and math, please contact us by phone at 403 686-9300 ext.158 or by email.