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Ben’s Story- How an Assessment Helps at Home and in School

Our services change the lives of our clients at home and school!

Meet Lyla and her son Ben, a grade 2 student who struggles with reading. Lyla felt helpless to deal with the academic and social frustrations she saw Ben experiencing at school. She shared her concerns with her worker at the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) who connected her with CanLearn. Lyla met with a CanLearn psychologist and Ben’s school.  CanLearn arranged the funding and a CanLearn psychologist so Ben could have a psycho-educational assessment. The assessment identified a severe learning disability and the ensuing report provided strategies that Lyla and the school could use to help Ben.

“I feel so relieved.  I now know how my son thinks and I can help him understand better.  I have been fighting for this help.  I knew something was wrong right from kindergarten.  It seemed that I was being blamed for not doing things with him at home – I was doing them, but he still wasn’t learning.” Lyla

 “This is very helpful.  We can put an Individual Program Plan in place and work on what he needs. The most helpful thing is that the report emphasizes strengths.  Teachers can see difficulties, and this will help them see what he is capable of.” Ben’s Vice Principal.