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Coping with Holiday Stress

Coping with Holiday Stress

During the holiday season, there can be a lot of additional stressors. While many anticipate the excitement of the holiday season, for children and adults with ADHD, it can be an overwhelming experience filled with party planning, socializing, and last-minute shopping and errands.

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy this season without getting overwhelmed.

  1. Practice mindfulness. Take a moment or two to reflect on what makes this time of year special. Go for a walk in the park with a friend or relative. Take a drive around the neighbourhood to enjoy the lights.
  2. Remember to Keep ISuper Simple. We are often tired and drained at this time of year, so plan for rest and activities that help you feel restored. Schedule them into your calendar!
  3. Keep some structure in your days. While kids love to use the downtime on screens, help keep them off by planning one or two activities during each day. Your day could look like this: wake up, have breakfast, activity one, lunch, activity two, rest, dinner, and if you’re up to it, a night-time outing.
  4. Practice self-care. This is important because no one else can do this for you, and it’s an essential practice that we often ignore. Pat yourself on the back for what did get done, and practice gratitude, as this can counteract negative messages, build self-esteem, and reduce negativity and burnout. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the season and start the new year with a fresh perspective.

Happy holidays!

Laura Godfrey, AAC, ACC, CACP