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Financial Assistance Providing Affordable Assessment Services

When Marah first came to Canada she was filled with hope for a better life. When her daughter Ada was born she was excited about a bright future. Ada started school and it soon became clear that she had some struggles with learning and attention.  The challenges did not seem severe and Ada did not have any behavioural issues at school.

However, Marah saw her struggling every day, resulting in academic and emotional frustrations for Ada. Ada’s learning issues really came to light once she was in junior high. Wanting her daughter to have success in high school, Marah sought out the services of  CanLearn.

Part of what brought Marah and Ada to CanLearn is our Financial Assistance program (FA).  Marah was now a single mom and with no health benefits. She would have struggled to pay for assessment services. Marah waited for 6 months, calling regularly to see where Ada was on our waitlist.

An assessment identified Ada’s learning strengths and it also determined that a learning disability contributed to her struggles. The information received through the assessment enabled Ada to receive the accommodations and supports that she needed in high school.

Ada is now better able to understand and manage her challenges and has learned to ask for the help she needs at school. Ada is also aware that she will be able to access support and accommodations if she chooses to pursue further education after high school.

Both Marah and Ada expressed their gratitude to CanLearn for giving them hope, support and strategies to help with success at school and in life experiences still to come.

To find out more about Financial Assistance and how it can help call 403-686-9300 ext.102.