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FREE Support Services from CanLearn!

Please note that these free services were for a limited time and are currently no longer available!

We are very excited to announce free services to eligible children, youth, adults, and families. We have received funding through the city of Calgary to support individuals and families impacted by COVID-19.

CanLearn is offering the following services free for eligible participants:

  • ADHD Coaching and Parenting Support – Our certified, professional coaches work one-to-one with youth, adults, and families with young children to support skills development regarding planning, organizing, time management, and goal development. Sessions are offered online.
  • Counselling – Our psychologists, counsellors and Masters/Doctoral level students offer individual and family counselling to eligible participants. Our counsellors work within evidence-based frameworks such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), family therapy, Mindfulness, and solution-focused therapies. Online sessions are available!
  • Behavioural Consultation – Our psychologists, counsellors and students offer short-term, solution-focused behavioural consultations to parents, families and individuals experiencing difficulties with behaviour and emotion regulation. Our behavioural consultations are taking place online.
  • Parenting Groups – We are offering our Calm Kids Happy Families group for free to eligible parents and families. We are offering online, group parenting sessions to support families experiencing difficulties with emotion/behaviour regulation and/or anxiety issues.
  • Friends and Teen Talk Program – CanLearn also has funding through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) to offer free one on one online sessions to children and teens needing support with anxiety, emotion regulation, social skills and behaviour difficulties. We are also delivering virtual sessions for cohort groups of students in the classroom to support relationship skills, emotion management and coping.

Our Covid-19-related funding ends December 2020, so reach out quickly to learn more and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to receive professional, supportive, and evidence-based services for free from CanLearn. We have been supporting Calgary for over 40 years and have loved every minute of it!


For more information, please contact Logan at [email protected] or call 403-686-9300, Ext. 102.