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Help CanLearn deliver hope this season

So all can learn

Forty years ago, in 1979, the doors of CanLearn Society opened to provide services for students with learning disabilities. Our Founder, Dr. Neil Hutton and his partners, established a multidisciplinary centre for diagnosis, treatment, research and education to address gaps in our educational system.

A lot has happened in 40 years; Calgary has grown and changed, and so have our clients’ needs. Now each year, over two thousand children, youth and adults with learning, attention, literacy and social-emotional challenges pass through our doors.

Thanks to supporters like you, we don’t have to turn anyone away that needs our help. Instead, we can work with them until solutions are found. Individuals and families access the services they need and leave CanLearn changed forever. For the first time in their lives, many of them report feeling hopeful about their future. An impressive 95% of our clients say that they had a positive experience at CanLearn.

Over one in five Calgarians struggle with learning, literacy and attention issues. So for every individual that we reach, many still need our help. Every day in Calgary, children struggle in school, parents feel powerless to help, adults falter at work and fear losing their jobs. With your support, we can help them overcome these challenges and move on to a life of purpose. Donate to CanLearn today to unlock potential so all can learn.

Thank you for your support and generosity. Here’s to the next 40 years!







We have had some great stories over the years. This one is still one of our favourites.

When Colleen enrolled at CanLearn, her goal was to learn to read and write better, but she learned so much more. Colleen learned she is intelligent, and with the right support, she can learn anything, “Everything I am today started because of the trust that was built between the people I met and the hope they gave me. In the program, I found my voice and my confidence.”

Colleen went on to complete two degrees; a B.A. and a B. Ed. With her confident voice and knowledge of her learning needs, she learned to advocate for herself to achieve success. Then she began helping others with learning challenges find their voice and has been working in this area ever since.

Last year, Colleen helped set up a college in the United States, where she brought the voice of disability from the outset. Her journey has taught her that she has a unique and valuable gift to share with the world. Her insights and advocacy will bring about change for hundreds of thousands of people.“My life is proof that you can change a life through learning. Thank you will never be enough for what you have given me CanLearn; the gift of learning is the greatest gift of all.”