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New! FREE Counselling Sessions

Please note that these free services were for a limited time and are currently no longer available!

These have been challenging times and CanLearn wants to help!

We have counsellors and provisional psychologists who work with children, youth, adults, and families to help build and practice coping strategies, develop tools, and share resources. Our counsellors and provisional psychologists have expertise in the areas of anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioural difficulties, relationship dynamics, emotion dysregulation, family systems issues, and general stress. Our counsellors and provisional psychologists work within a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework and each has specialized training in additional approaches, including Mindfulness, exposure and response therapy, family therapy, and solution-focused therapy.

We are thrilled to offer 10 sessions per client!

To help with social distancing, we are offering sessions online.

To find out if you are eligible for these free counselling sessions, click here to complete the online questionnaire.

For more information regarding our counselling services or to book an appointment, please email Intake or give us a call at 403-686-9300 Ext 102.