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Parenting a Neurodiverse Child

Parenting during Covid has been unpredictable, stressful and confusing. Parents, who were once connected with a village of supports, have found themselves wading through the last year without the necessary resources.

Parenting a neurodiverse child can be challenging when all supports are in place, and many have found themselves needing extra support during the past year. Many of the usual strategies and supports are not the best fit for neurodiverse children.

ADHD is one neurodevelopmental challenge that can affect aspects of learning and motivation. ADHD can also involve undesirable behaviour. These unique challenges and learning styles require a specific approach that involves understanding how best to work with and teach an individual with ADHD.

Identifying a behaviour’s trigger is key to understanding and interrupting a behaviour chain. However, this is not an easy task and often involves some trial and error. At CanLearn, we have experienced professionals ready to support and assist parents in developing the skills and insight to support their child living with a neurodevelopmental difference.

At CanLearn, we provide support and resources to parents and caregivers in our community through several different programs and services:

  • Calm Kids Happy Families Program
  • ADHD coaching and support groups
  • Free monthly webinars
  • Counselling
  • Behavioural consultation
  • Psychoeducational assessment

CanLearn is here to help. Contact us by phone at 403-686-9300 or fill out our online form, and we will contact you to find out what might work best for your needs.