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Smooth the Transition Back to School – August Webinar and Support Groups

Join us for this FREE live and interactive webinar: Smooth the Transition Back to School.

As summer winds down and kids get ready to go back to school, many parents wonder how they can help their children adjust to the new school year. School transitions are tough for all kids, but even more so for students with ADHD.

In this live and interactive workshop, parents will learn how to help their child develop skills for:

  • Handling anxiety and stress
  • Adjusting to changes
  • Building routines
  • Getting ready for school on time
  • Completing homework
  • Organizing and keeping track of schoolwork
  • Advocating for themselves

Participants can expect to receive information in the first half of the session. The second half is devoted to discussion, collaboration amongst parents and caregivers, and an opportunity to continue discussions and support following the webinar.


The information portion of the webinar will be recorded and available on our website in late August.

This webinar will be facilitated by Catherine Masou, MSc., Provisional Psychologist.


August 2021 Support Groups

Smooth the Transition Back to School

The Support Groups will continue the conversation from the Webinar. The Groups will allow participants to meet with others to share information, resources and support on helping your child make the transition to a new school year.

Both Support Groups will be facilitated by our ADHD Life Coach, Lisa Banash, B.A., PCC.


Support Groups

Date: Thursday, August 26
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM


Date: Tuesday, August 31
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM