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Unlocking Potential Fund – Affordable Assessments

Meet Max and Angie and learn how an assessment can help!
Angie and her seven-year-old son Max were referred to CanLearn from a women’s shelter. Angie, a mother of two boys, was constantly moving to avoid her abusive former partner. Angie could see that Max was struggling emotionally and academically, and felt uncertain and anxious about how to best support her son. She was not sure if his difficulties at school were the result of emotional trauma or a learning disability.

When Max came to CanLearn for a psycho-educational assessment, many areas of strength were noted, including emotional resiliency. At the same time, a significant learning disability was identified that was hampering his progress in reading and writing. Because the family moved so frequently, school personnel had not identified his learning needs. The assessment at CanLearn provided both Angie and the school with strategies to help Max.

Now Angie has a clear understanding of Max’s learning struggles and the tools to advocate for Max at any school. Angie is pleased to report that Max‘s literacy skills have improved and that she is actively employing the strategies provided by CanLearn to help with reading and writing at home. Angie is extremely grateful for both the support and the reassurance that despite the family’s struggles, Max will now be able to achieve learning success at school. Angie also expressed appreciation that her financial challenges did not keep Max from obtaining the support he needed.

Our greatest reward is seeing individuals like Max unlock their potential and achieve success. Each year hundreds of children, youth and adults come through our doors and about 30% of them live in poverty.  Last year alone, our Unlocking Potential Fund helped to change the lives of 76 families. Donate Now!

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