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An Exciting Research Opportunity for ADHD Families

CanLearn has an exciting research opportunity for ADHD families!
The University of Calgary is looking at the impact of virtual intervention programs for children with ADHD and has partnered up with CanLearn for the study! The online intervention program will support children’s emotional-behavioural regulation and strategies for common challenges seen in children with ADHD.

CanLearn is looking for volunteers to participate in the study, including parents and their children (boys only, aged 8-10) diagnosed with ADHD. Children and their parents will both take part for a total of 6 weeks, for 1-hour each, each week. There will be separate sessions for the parents and separate sessions for the children. All sessions will take place online. Participants will receive a gift card worth $100 for their time.
If you fit these criteria and think you might be interested in joining, contact Jaime as soon as possible!
There are only 12 spots available, and we anticipate it will fill up fast once we get the word out.
This group will start the week of May 18 and run to the week of June 24. We will confirm these details to qualifying families.