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Reading Pilots – An Innovative Approach

Reading Pilots is an innovative approach to success for struggling readers. With COVID-19 school closures, young, struggling readers are further behind in their reading skills.

  • Is reading homework a battle in your house?
  • Does reading lead to tears?
  • Does your child say, “I hate reading!”
  • Does your child know and understand many things but can’t read at grade level?
  • Do you hear negative self-talk from your child? “I’m dumb.” “Everyone else is smarter than me.” “I can’t do this!”
  • Does your child try to avoid going to school?
  • Are there regular tummy aches or headaches with no physical symptoms?
  • Have you heard anyone say, “That kid is smart. If only he/she/they would just try harder….”

If you and your child are experiencing any of the symptoms above, Reading Pilots may be the right choice!
Why choose Reading Pilots for your child?

  • Reading Pilots is designed to provide intentional, intensive direct instruction for students regardless of their reading level.
  • Reading Pilots builds confidence by creating immediate small successes in a calm, relaxed environment.
  • Reading Pilots is a one-on-one learning environment, so there’s no need for students to measure up to peers.
  • Parents are taught low stress, fun ways to read and encourage reading at home. No more tears!
  • Reading Pilots is successful!

Here’s what parents say:

We appreciate your service so much. It is life changing.

Jody was absolutely amazing, and my daughter loved going to see her. We have seen huge gains with our daughter, and most of all, she has a lot more confidence all around and loves to read. I can’t thank Jody enough!


Reading Pilots Sounds Wonderful! Is It Magic?

Yes, it is wonderful! But it’s not magic. We use the strategies and techniques at Reading Pilots based on the Science of Reading and in current best teaching practices. We follow the work of renowned reading experts like George Georgiou, Louisa Moats, David Kilpatrick, Mark Seidenberg and others who have years of published research and years of teaching experience. We pick and choose the strategies that fit best for the learning needs of each of our students, and we make sure they are comfortable using them. So, no, it’s not magic. It’s even better – it’s real!
Is There A Cost For Reading Pilots?

CanLearn is a not-for-profit organization, so Reading Pilots runs on a cost-recovery basis. The fee for ten weeks of lessons is $1500. There are some funds available for families that cannot afford the cost.
How Can We Register Our Child For Reading Pilots?

Email the Reading Pilots coordinator, Jody Wood, at [email protected]