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Social Skills Programs: Why Are They Important?

CanLearn Friends Program


What are social skills? We use social skills every day to work together and talk with others.

Research tells us that social skills can help children develop into healthy adults. Children who have better social skills have more self-confidence. They have better relationships with friends and do better at school.

When a child struggles with social skills, it can affect their future. It can lead to social, emotional, or behaviour problems. It can lead to mental health troubles, crime, drug abuse, and work problems.

Many children with ADHD, and autism, live with social and emotional skills problems that can put them at risk.

The good news is that children can learn social skills. They can develop these skills by taking part in a social skills program. Social skills programs help children learn the basic skills needed to build social skills and practice those skills in a safe environment. Children learn positive social behaviours by demonstration, role-playing, solving problems, discussions, and take-home activities.

The CanLearn Friends Program offers high-quality social-emotional training to at-risk children and youth in Calgary. Because we lost opportunities to be social during COVID-19, children must continue to work on these important skills.

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