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Supporting Children’s Self-Regulation Skills – How Parents Can Help

With so much uncertainty at the moment, it is easy for kids to feel worried and anxious. Kids struggling with anxiety, ADHD, ASD or another condition may be particularly vulnerable given pre-existing challenges with self-regulation and emotional control. A child with poor self-regulation skills may have trouble handling stress and frustration or adapting to change, often resulting in anger, anxiety or challenging behaviour. Many parents are unsure of how to help. The good news is that just like learning to walk and learning to read, self-regulation can be taught! As parents, you hold the key to helping your children develop self-regulation skills. When children learn how to calm themselves down when they’re feeling upset, handle frustration without outbursts and adjust to changes in environment and expectations, they will not only feel better about themselves but will be better prepared to handle the challenges of life more successfully.

At CanLearn, we focus on helping parents develop a warm and responsive approach to teaching children self-regulation skills, guided by establishing structure and routines, setting clear goals and expectations, as well as modelling, positive reinforcement and regular opportunities for practice. In addition to the teaching of specific self-regulation skills, parents who participate in our programs are provided with a chance to share, problem-solve and connect with other families who are facing similar challenges.

Given the current circumstances, helping children find ways to cope with their emotions and adapt to new ways of life will be more critical than ever.

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You can find more information about the Calm Kids Happy Families program here.


Online Resources and Apps that Support Self-Regulation and Coping Skills

Resources For Parents

Rethinking Challenging Kids-Where There’s Skill There’s a Way – YouTube Video

Think:Kids teaches Collaborative Problem Solving – Website

Lives in the Balance. Dr. Ross Greene – Website


Apps For Children

Breath, Think, Do with Sesame – Website

Calm (For adults and children) – Website

Headspace for Kids – Website

DreamyKid (Helps with self-confidence, anxiety, and bedtime settling) – Website

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids – Website

Moodtrack Diary (Two versions: social and private; more suitable for adolescents) – Website